A summary of The Predator G9-791

The Predator G9-791 is Acer’s first endeavor at building an appropriate 17-inch gaming portable workstation, and albeit some minor angles could have been improved, the tablet ticks all the essential boxes and wins our proposal. Ideally the company will value it intensely also, cause else it is a commendable choice in its class.

Inside, the laptop packs a level of equipment intended to do its forceful outside equity. Our model accompanied an i7-6700HQ timed at 2.6 gigahertz, a Nvidia GTX 980M, ludicrous 32 gigabytes of Random Access Memory, a 512GB Solid State Drive, and a 1 terabyte Hard Disk Drive.

Those specs are to some degree less noteworthy than they were a year back—the 980M specifically looks long in the tooth contrasted with the expansion of portable PCs touting desktop 980 sections—however this is still a serious machine.

Some say the desktop PC is basically dead as of now, yet reality opposes this idea. An effective desktop is the most ideal approach to prepare a VR framework, in light of the fact that even the best portable workstation GPUs can’t stay aware of those on the desktop—well, aside from one. The laptop strains at the breaking points of what’s conceivable in a portable PC at this moment, pressing a desktop-class Nvidia GTX 980 Graphics Processing Unit in an edge amazingly like the typical Predator 17, which can’t go more remote than the GTX 980M. The execution contrast is tremendous.


Alright, how about we move onto the screen now. The company will offer the laptop with a couple of various show alternatives and our test unit gets a 16.9-cm Ultra-high-definition television wide-array board.

It’s a matte screen without touch, however it’s a screen practically everybody will love to take a ‘gander’ at, from gamers to experts who require shading exactness. You’ll discover more about the splendor, differentiation, hues and all these other specialized subtle elements in the rundown beneath. I’m utilizing a Spyder4 sensor and theSpyder4Elite programming suite for my estimations.


The laptop is delivered with the 64-bit variant of Windows 10 Home. A few instruments are preloaded; the most vital is Predator Sense, a sort of control focus. It incorporates a few alternatives for the large scale keys or the console brightening. Different devices handle the speakers (Dolby Audio) and the fans (Acer Dust Defender). The last inverts the wind current for a brief span like clockwork to dodge clean gathering and adjust for the awful availability of the fans. You additionally get the Acer Care Center, which demonstrates data about the item, upgrades and in addition the recuperation and permits access to the support. Acer just incorporates a 30-day trial of Office however does not introduce other bloatware.

Equipment and execution

By the day’s end, individuals purchase tablets like this one for the execution and its gaming capacities.

The Random Access Memory and the capacity drives are upgradeable, and effortlessly available through the administration straight on the tablet’s underbelly, so in case you’re on a tight spending you could purchase a lower end model and include additional Random Access Memory or a Solid State Drive later on. Our test units accompanies a Samsung SM951 MVMe Solid Storage Drive, which is a third era PCI Express Solid State Drive with crazy execution, as should be obvious from the benchmarks above. It costs a lot however.

At the end of the day, the item will be accessible in a few unique designs and our test unit is the top model, with ani7-6700HQ Central Processing Unit, 64 gigabytes of DDR4 memory, cross breed stockpiling with a third era PCIExpress  NVMe Solid Storage Drive and a huge Hard Disk Drive, and to wrap things up, a Nvidia GTX 980Mrepresentation chip with 8 gigabytes of video memory.

Battery life

Acer put a 90 Wh battery inside this machine, encased inside the body, sufficient for 120-300 minutes of regular use on a charge.

To sum up…

Acer has long had a nearness in PC gaming, through its Predator sub-mark as well as through an assortment of frame works that, while not expressly plan for diversions, offer solid equipment at the cost.

However, the brand’s allure frequently lessens as costs rise. Dissimilar to Asus’ Republic of Gamers, Acer’s Predator line has attempted to establish itself in the psyches of bad-to-the-bone gamers. Purchasers swing to the organization for esteem, yet regularly go somewhere else for top of the line equipment.

IFA 2015 flagged a change. Acer raged the show with new portable PCs, desktops and screens focused and no more bad-to-the-bone gamers. Its endeavors inspired Digital Trends, gaining the organization a Best of IFA 2015Computing grant for its presentation of the Predator 15 and 17.

Presently the 17th version of the laptop has landed in our lab for survey. Its noteworthy rundown of hardware incorporates an i7-6700HQ, 32 gigabytes of Random Access Memory, Nvidia GTX 980M design chip, and 2 hard drives, one a 512 gigabyte PCI Express  strong state unit, the other a 1 terabyte mechanical drive with strong state reserve.

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