A summary of our test of Freecom mHDD Slim 1TB: a compact and easily transported hard disk with a smooth and glossy layout

The Freecom mHDD Slim 1TB enables abundant quantities of space for storage. This is further enhanced with its smooth and glossy layout. In addition, the product has great  read and write speeds for a portable hard disk, but its beneficial and functional qualities can only be used after a high price purchase. To find out more, have a look at the summary below to see for yourself and evaluate its execution of the targeted tasks.

Freecom mHDD Slim review

The item is without a doubt rather pricey. However, it comes with  appealing appearance, as well as strongly build traits.

Visual characteristics and physical layout

A short summary of dimensional features:

  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Weight: 150g.
  • Length :114mm
  • Width : 76mm,

Freecom mHDD Slim certainly stands out from the rest of its competitors in the field, primarily due to its high quality frame, attractive aluminum covering, physical structure, mobility and a very useful element to it of being portative (you can easily afford carrying it around everywhere with you (thanks to its appropriate size) by placing it in your pocket or a bag).

The product, which we had delivered to our door was 1TB, which is equivalent to 931GB.

On top of that, our team could not be displeased by a long list of valuable and beneficial operating system which comes as part of the package. Hard Drive Eraser and Formatter are meant to clean, prepare your mass storage medium for initial use and erase any existing data in the process securely.

To our pleasant discovery, the computer programme is simple to utilize and it does not hoard memory space on your system. The downloading procedure is likewise basic, not at all the same as with alternative producers who ask customers to search for the operating system themselves. Freecom give everyone an insight into the root guide of the product.

Freecom mHDD Slim design

The cost

The product is considerably high-priced for such an easily transported hard disk. The rate of charge is 9p for 1 GB, making it is pretty costly for its depository capacity. You can order the drive from Freecom online or Amazon for £85.99 in the following colours: the standard silver and gold, but also Space Grey, and in size 1 or 2TB. The colours may resemble those of some of Apple’s products. However, take into account that the costs may vary depending on the different retailers.

Quality of performance

For its depository size, the Freecom mHDD Slim has an extremely deferential successive speed of 134.1MB/s read (132.8MB/s  for write).

Much the same as with different portable drives, it has moderate pace of 0.6MB/s read ( 1.4MB/s write), which puts into a category of “low speed” at exchanging documents, which are ranked as more limited in size. In this manner, the drive works at its maximum potential with more extensive documents.

The conclusion

Regardless of having a costly price for every gigabyte, the Freecom mHDD Slim 1TB is a sleek, durable compact hard disk.

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