A step by step guide to taking screenshots in computer games

To start off, in general the majority of gamers prefer to use the Print Screen function for snapping their screenshots. However, some gaming applications do not support this Windows option. But do not worry, in this article we have prepared some other way of solving the problem. Steam has this option on default. Fraps and Nvidia Ansel do too, on some graphics cards. We recommend that before settling on one preferred algorithm, you have a look at the full article.

“What is the point in screenshots?”- you may ask.  Some take them to keep a record of achievements and results in games for memories; others- to show certain aspects of gameplay to those closest to them. Every single Windows user is aware of the option of taking screenshots. You click on the Print Screen button on the keyboard to your right regardless of the type of keyboard you own. The upsetting feature here is that this button may not perform its function in all games because of technical issues. But do not fret: we have prepared some tips to help you out in this situation.

The PrtSc button

All portable computer keyboards have a built-in function “Print Screen”. If you are lucky, and your game allows you to utilize this option, or you simply enter the windowed mode, follow the instructions below to do so.

Click on the PrtSc button in the top right corner of your keyboard. Open up an application, e.g. Paint. At the same time, press on the keys: Ctrl and V. The desired screenshot will show up in Paint as a pasted picture. You have the ability to crop this image or save it.

Note: in case your computer screen turns white or black after pasting, this is a sign that Windows cannot support this game depending on the graphics card to see the overlay, not your Windows OS. Windows cannot take the screenshot.

If you have encountered a situation above, keep reading for other methods of taking a screenshot in the game.


The definition of this is a storage system or Cloud space online, which requires no payment. All you need is a registered account on the website: www.dropbox.com. Download the application on your computer and go to settings. Right click on the Dropbox icon in the toolbar, then on the cog. Follow the sequence: 1) Preferences; 2) Import. Put a tick in the box next to «Share screenshots using Dropbox”. From now on, whenever you wish to take a screenshot, the item will be saved in a folder under the name “Screenshots” in your “Dropbox folder”.

Note: take into account that this function works similarly to the in-built PrtSc button in Windows, which we discussed above. The screenshot may still appear blank. Anyhow, you should know about this possible method due to its useful property: you can avoid working with Paint and carry on playing your game when taking a screenshot, without having to quit it.

  1. Reply Danny 28.11.2016 at 16:52

    I always use a Print Screen button to take my screenshots and so far it works for me nicely. But it`s much easier to click on the “Paste” option instead of pressing two keys Ctrl and V afterwards. Although i`m not impressed with the Paint much as i find it difficult enough to adjust pictures in there, even if it`s about cropping them only… Maybe there`s another program which can be used for taking screenshots? If so, let me know, please. Otherwise we are doomed to use our precious Paint lol
    Whatever, it`s much better than nothing and i have never faced any problem when capturing an image, lucky me! 😉

  2. Reply Ethan 01.12.2016 at 18:32

    I started a video blog on YouTube last week about how I play computer games. Prior to that, I recorded videos on other themes and constantly used with screenshots to illustrate his material. But the theme of computer games seemed to me much more interesting. However, not all games it was possible with conventional operations. Described in this article methods when using Paint or dropbox program can save screenshots of the games will greatly help me in my work. Thank you for the valuable information! Be sure to advise my friends who also play computer games, these ways of saving screenshots. It is very good!

  3. Reply mooncat2017 02.12.2016 at 14:48

    I didn`t know that dropbox could be used for taking screenshots as well… But that option looks more complicated for me though… maybe coz i have never tried it 🙂
    I`m used to dealing with Paint too and it`s good that there haven`t been any blank screenshots so far. If it happened i would be totally confused for sure… So i will keep dropbox in mind if something 😉

  4. Reply Grace Q. 03.12.2016 at 15:28

    Ohh, thanks for clearing it up! I have never dealed with taking screenshots before as i`m a relatively new user. Every time i saw somebody posting that kind of stuff i wondered how they managed to do it… And it turned out to be so easy! Yayyyyy!
    So now my friends won`t be making fun of me thinking that i`m stupid or something like that. That`s awesome! 😉
    When playing the game there are always some moments one wants to remember. I would compare it to the family album which we tend to fill in with the photos… I hope i don`t sound like an addict… lol It`s just nice when you can save your memories because they are priceless.

  5. Reply L.Wollf 10.12.2016 at 15:16

    I know how to take screenshots but i was curious if there`s another way of doing it. And as far as i can see, Paint remains the number one program for it. Well, let it be so 🙂
    You could also tell us how to record a game video. I have no idea how to do it so that would be very interesting to read. I guess, there should be some sort of software installed… Am i right?
    Sometimes screenshots are not enough. I think that video is more informative and it allows to see more aspects of a certain game.
    So once you decide to update this article or write another one, dedicated to video recording i`ll be happy 🙂 Looking forward to it!

    • Reply o.p.stark 21.12.2016 at 16:39

      To record a game video is not so difficult really 🙂 Everyone can do it. Just open a game bar, there you will find a record button. Click on it to start the recording. Once you are done click on the stop button 🙂 This is how it works for windows 10.
      You can also download game recording software for free in case you need it. That`s all available on internet, just don`t be lazy and google it 😉 But before installing something make sure your antivirus is on otherwise you may get some problems… Whatever, free stuff can be good if you are careful enough 🙂 I hope you can record your first video soon. That`s always exciting 😉

  6. Reply Su_Zuki 15.12.2016 at 19:21

    There are a lot of different programs that allow you to take a screenshot of an active window or, if needed, a part of the screen. I think that`s much more useful than Paint as you have to crop the image afterwards in case you don`t wanna show some details to others (for example). Almost all of those tools you can get and set up for free so it makes sense to try a few of them to make a better choice. And if one tool fails at taking game`s screenshots you can always go for another one. I`m not gonna advertise anything here as they are easy to find on internet. Just google it 🙂 And good luck with saving your memories! 😉

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