A review of Spire Mojo laptop bag

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The Spire Mojo is a laptop bag, which has quite a few reasons to be recommended for purchase: its plentiful space and protection for large laptops; many pockets for other accessories and items of yours; its style, but lack of bulkiness; its convenience and compact features that make travelling with it simple.

The item is made of ballistic nylon and can deal with everyday grind. The fabric is bendable, adaptable, convenient to clear up. A shoulder belt comes with the package, which can be fixed and adjusted as you wish. It is cushioned and pleasantly anchors on your shoulder to get rid of the commonly encountered issue: the buckles always falling off. The product comes with a detachable waist belt, a reflective fabric on the front side and reflective zipper pulls.

Externally the product has rugged appearance, but an urban touch to it.

One disadvantage of many computer cases and rucksacks is that they don’t provide you with enough space for other items apart from your laptop and chargers. This product, on the other hand, has more room than the average user will ask for. It comes with 4 easily reachable compartments for the items, which you may wish to take out without having to open the main cover: a small zippered pocket on the main cover, an iPod pouch on one side with a hole for wires, a mesh compartment on the other side to fit a bottle, as well as a large flat compartment for documents, books, etc. If you lift the main cover, you will see 9 more pockets and 4 pen sleeves at the anterior part.

In the main compartment, there is a well-padded sleeve, which can equip even a 17-inch Macbook easily. In addition, the bag has a padded divider to give users space for extra papers and a long Velcro strap to make sure that your computer will stay put and in the same place/ position inside.


To sum up, in our opinion , this product is a brilliant laptop case holder for travelers, businessmen or simply anyone looking for a carrier that can fit laptops up to 17-inch in size with extra necessary and irreplaceable accessories.

  1. Reply Alice 01.12.2016 at 23:20

    That is one of the best models I have seen. I like the its look – modern, urban, convenient and fashionable. It does not look as a laptop bag, and, you know, this is what I like in it. Also, it has lots of pockets and it cannot be bad because in this case the more – the better πŸ™‚ The price makes me happy too, but I cannot be sure about quality of the product. Is ballistic nylon good enough to protect laptop from the rain and so on???

  2. Reply Caroline 14.12.2016 at 12:35

    Oh, my gosh! The Spire Mojo is the best model that i have ever seen. I have recently bought it. The bag looks very cool, impressive and gorgeous, i love it’s design. The price is not expensive, it just costs about 80$. Moreover, it has a lot of pockets. It is very comfortable for active people. Also quality of the bag is perfect. I will definitely recommend it to anyone!

    • Reply Lucretia 15.12.2016 at 20:13

      Hi there! Could you tell me, please, if this bag is appropriate for a rainy weather? Is it able to protect a device from getting soaked? I would appreciate it if you answered as it`s very important to me. I find it a bit pricey so i wanna be sure it`s reliable enough. Otherwise i could buy something else that would be much cheaper and of the similar look and quality…

  3. Reply roxy 14.12.2016 at 18:19

    It looks pretty roomy and appeals to my style. I can imagine how many things can fit into it! lol I`m that kind of person who just has to have my bag filled with all the stuff i may possibly need. Otherwise i feel incomlete lol
    The price is a bit too high though, but i can deal with it. I`m just determined to get my perfect bag no matter what. Shopping always cheers me up πŸ™‚

  4. Reply Miriam 15.12.2016 at 19:36

    At the moment this is my favourite bag and i don`t regret buying it. I often use it not only for carrying a laptop… πŸ˜‰ It`s pretty good for going out somewhere and it doesn`t look odd. And if i had to pay a double price for it i would certainly do it.
    Even after a few months of being in use it still looks like a new one, i guess it proves its quality in the best possible way πŸ˜‰

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