A possibility of a laptop PC merger being put together by Vaio, Fujitsu and Toshiba

Vaio, Fujitsu and Toshiba are thinking about organizing a merger of their laptop PC businesses, according to one Japanese media report.

The companies are planning on starting specially designed meetings about this issue at some point this month to introduce the brand new company on the first day of April. This is also the first day of the new Japanese financial year, as the Nikkei financial newspaper says.

As you may already know, Vaio was spun off from Sony in 2014. It is highly probably that it will be the surviving body of the company, as Toshiba and Fujitsu will be joining their laptop businesses with it. The same resource informed that the ownership of this business will be shared more or less equally.

Unfortunately, we could not get all the companies on the phone to ask our questions in the interview and to hear their side of the story.

On a global scale, the demands for PCs keep falling more and more every day. In the 3rd quarter, their deliveries decreased by 11% year over year to seventy one million units, as the International Data Corporation says. Forty two million of these turned out to be laptops. However, they were down on the previous year, too.

Quoting an analyst with International Data Corporation in California, “We are entering a phase in the PC world where a certain form of consolidation is to take place in the near future”. Linn Huang also mentioned that cost competition is a real problem for manufacturers, as well as the growing domination of smartphones and tablets, all of which make it less likely that users will keep purchasing new computers for their houses as an update or a replacement.

The analyst also told us that the current top leaders on the market are Lenovo, Apple, Dell and HP- all of these brands are performing excellently in laptop sales. The rest of the companies pay more attention to the customer market (it has a lower demand than the business market). Apparently, the drawback in the domestic Japan market is hitting these 3 brands.

In addition, NEC (it was a top business in the Japanese laptop market) joined with Lenovo to form a ‘portable computer’ business back in 2011.

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