A guide to starting a new PC


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The procedure of starting up a new computer is rather easy, without any complications. However, sometimes customers receiver β€˜strangely worded’ instructions and pictures in the package with the actual product, which leave them confused and unsure about how to put the whole structure of a PC together with different wires and cables and so on.

In most cases, the picture of your computer which comes on the box of the product does not look like the exact copy of the same model, which you own. Also, the wires and connectors might not seem similar, as well.

new pc guide

In this guide, you can read about how to set up your newly arrived PC with all the parts that come with it. We assume that you have another computer, as what is the point of publishing instructions online for a PC, which is not yet running, if you cannot access it?

First of all, connect your keyboard and mouse together. Nowadays, pretty much all keyboards and mice can be inserted into a USB port to be functional with your PC. Some are wireless, but there will still be a receive that can be plugged into one or more USB ports.

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Note: the plug will only fit into a USB port on your computer that is complementary to it and matches it. If you can choose between blue or black USB ports, pick black. Blue ones use the new USB 3.0 standard, and it would be sensible to leave that for using with fast storage devices, e.g. USB flash / hard drives.

We recommend that you insert the keyboard and the mouse into USB ports on the back side of your computer instead of the front.

  1. Reply L.Brink 27.11.2016 at 18:27

    Hmmm… so all we need to start a new pc is just to connect the keyboard and mouse? You must be kidding me guys! You are getting lazy by writing the short articles like this. When i saw the title i expected to spend at least ten minutes on reading it but alas..! It`s a shame there`s nothing new for me here. But i agree that starting a computer is pretty easy, at the same time i believe that there should be some useful tricks we haven`t heard about before. In case this article hasn`t been finished yet i do hope you will update it… sooner or later πŸ˜‰ I like most of your posts so don`t make me disappointed. Cheers!

  2. Reply Viola 02.12.2016 at 15:06

    It`s not a problem to start a new pc. The problem may appear later… So i think the very first thing to do is to find a good antivirus and then install the rest of the programs you need, such as photoshop, skype and so on.
    The most pleasant thing is to choose the wallpaper but i cannot pick just one and have to change them almost every week πŸ™‚
    I spend a lot of time at the pc so i want it to be as comfy as possible πŸ™‚

  3. Reply Lucky_girl 02.12.2016 at 18:56

    I`m about to get a new notebook so i would like it to be perfect. Everybody knows how to start a new pc – just press the button and that`s it lol But you could post a list of some useful software for us πŸ™‚ Or it may be some kind of tricks…how to expand our computer’ capabilities by increasing the size of virtual memory, for example… I think a lot of people still keep wondering how to do it.
    That would also be interesting if you shared your opinion on which internet browser to choose or how to improve the quality of skype video chats. I`ve heard that it`s possible to change the settings to get a higher picture resolution… But for some reason i cannot do it πŸ™

  4. Reply Cassandra 05.12.2016 at 15:25

    I got sick of wires and cables so this time i wanted everything to work via bluetooth. That`s why starting a new pc turned out to be easier than ever for me. I think we should stop using usb stuff as it makes everything more complicated and, most often, uncomfy. Let`s just leave it in the past and move on. Once you try it out you will never want to get back to the wires, believe me πŸ˜‰ There will be nothing much to miss.
    For some oldfashioned people it may be difficult though… But i`m sure that`s just because they have never had a chance to compare. I hope most of the readers share my opinion. Nowadays we are provided with lots of possibilities so why don`t we use em to the full?

    • Reply Chloe 08.12.2016 at 18:56

      I totally agree with you, all the wires should remain in the past as no one needs them anymore. We shouldn`t be afraid of trying something new, especially if it brings some more comfort into our life. I wish everybody could understand it… Being oldfashioned doesn`t mean you should stay out of life because you live here and now just once.
      What do you think about starting New Year with a new pc? That`s what i`m going to do. I`ve had many different notebooks and laptops before but i never followed any guides on how to deal with them πŸ™‚ It`s exciting when you get a new device and unpack it, then you spend a few days chosing sofware up to your taste… That`s what i like the best about it πŸ™‚

      • Reply tina999 13.12.2016 at 15:01

        I wouldn`t rely on bluetooth so much. I`ve had a lot of problems with it and more to come. In this way i find the good old wires more reliable. So it`s not about being oldfashioned at all. It doesn`t matter how hard you try to get with the times, there`s always a chance that your wireless stuff lets you down. We are not ready to refuse using cables yet and that`s a fact!

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