8 ways to tame your data-hogging Android phone

If you’re worried about busting through your monthly cellular data limit with your Android phone, relax. I’ll show you how to use Android’s data-tracking tools to stay within your monthly cap. I’ll also show you how to keep certain data-hogging apps—yeah you, Netflix, Spotify, and Instagram—in line, and offer some other helpful hints to avoid racking up overage charges.

Read on for 8 ways to keep your Android device’s cellular data use in check, starting with…

1. Set a cellular data limit

Most wireless carriers will shoot you a quick text message once you’ve used 75 percent or more of your monthly data limit. That’s certainly helpful, but besides the warning, your carrier typically won’t do anything to stop you from sailing over your cellular data cap and incurring additional charges—go figure!

Luckily, Android’s impressive cellular data tools let you take matters into your own hands. With a few taps, you can set your Android handset to give you a heads-up before you crack your monthly data limit, or even to cut off cellular access once you’ve used a preset amount of data.

Ben Patterson

You can set your Android handset to give you fair warning that you’re approaching your monthly data limit.

Tap Settings Data usage, tap the Cellular tab, then switch on the Set cellular data limit setting.

Next, you’ll need to set a monthly cycle for your data usage—ideally, the same cycle your carrier uses. Check your most recent wireless bill for the day of the month when your data usage resets, then choose that date as the beginning of your monthly data cycle from the pull-down menu.

Now, see the two horizontal lines in the data usage chart—one orange, the other black? The orange line represents the amount of cellular data you can use before your Android handset cuts you off (you’ll still be able to use Wi-Fi data, of course), while the black line shows the data-usage limit you’d need to hit before getting a warning.

Go ahead and drag those lines to whichever levels you see fit—and remember, since your device’s tally of your cellular data usage isn’t official, you should set your “hard” data limit a tad below the cap of your wireless data plan.

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    No doubt it would be great to get notified when you`re about to consume more data than you`re allowd to… I`ll try to do some things out of your list… those ones that seem to be the easiest 🙂

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