3 ways to make it easier to search for photos on your PC

Entisar Hassen asked for a way to find the right photo in his large collection. “Is it possible?”

If you’re like me, you have thousands of photos in your personal collection on your PC—maybe tens of thousands. That makes finding the right photo very difficult. But you can make it easier with a little thought, and maybe some planning ahead of time.

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1. Organizing and viewing in folders

The obvious way to organize photos is by folder. If you put all of the pictures from your Hawaii vacation into a “Hawaii Vacation” folder, you’ll know where they are.

But that’s limiting. If you want to find the best photos of your daughter, you’ll have to open an awful lot of folders. Or find a better way.

You can view all of your photos without worrying about folders. Open your Pictures library in File Explorer (Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and earlier versions), click the Search field in the top-right corner and type *.jpg.

Once the files are all there, right-click a blank space in the file view and select View Extra large icons.

Of course, you’ll still have a ridiculously large number of photos to go through. If you remember—even approximately—when the photo you want was taken, that can help. You can group by date, sort by date, or even search by date.

  1. Reply Jessica Parker 05.08.2016 at 17:08

    Enhancement so exceptionally for the tips! The article is not roundabout interesting and furthermore very educative.

  2. Reply Johanna 09.09.2016 at 18:57

    It would take a hell lot of time to tag every single photo. Photography is my hobby so you can imagine how many pix i have. Of course i`ve been wise enough to create the titled folders but still that hasn`t sorted the problem. As for picasa… well, perhaps that`s the best helper in this case. I prefer it to the other options. I`ve also tried google photos but wasn`t impressed much.

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