Black red. MSI GT83VR Titan SLI Review

Black red. MSI GT83VR Titan SLI Review

As a representative of the gaming laptops segment, this gadget has a pretty interesting design. If you look closer you’ll see the black brushed-aluminum lid, with glossy, blood-red details and the backlit red & white dragon picture and the chrome letters MSI. The rear and bottom of this laptop are made of black magnesium alloy. Under the lid you can see the big, dragon-decorated panel and a red backlit mechanical keyboard.



Superior performance is available thanks to an overclockable 2.7-GHz Intel Core i7 and 64GB of RAM. Its productivity really allows opening more than 20 browser tabs at the same time. The gaming productivity impressive too. The laptop has two Nvidia cards with 8GB of VRAM each. Thanks to that, the laptop supporting all the latest games and provides the high speed in each of it.


Display & audio

The matte, anti-glare FHD IPS 18,4-inch screen provides the crystal clear, colorful picture. Thanks to bottom located subwoofer and four Dynaudio speakers you can enjoy the deep and clear sound. Only signaling lack of separation disappoints a bit.

Summarizing, this laptop surely pleases gamers or those, who loves modern gadgets with futuristic design.

  1. Reply D, Swanson 29.09.2016 at 00:53

    Omg! Twenty browser tabs can be opened at the same time! It`s unbelievably powerful machine. I wish it was my next laptop… I would spend 24 hours a day in front of it 🙂 I bet it`s just perfect for playing games…

  2. Reply Ed77 29.09.2016 at 01:01

    I love the color layout. This is just my dream-design. And a picture of a dragon makes it priceless for me as i admire those creatures. It`s just very impressive. I need this toy at any price.

  3. Reply VicT. 29.09.2016 at 01:10

    There`s something dark and magic in it… I think it would suit my personality nicely 😉 This device is both beautiful and productive as it seems. And look at that matte screen, it worth attention too.

  4. Reply red_mist 22.12.2016 at 15:39

    I could look at it forever! I rarely like something so much, but this time i feel like i got under the spell 😉 It looks amazingly lush. I can hardly remember me admiring any laptop before, they all seemed to be the same plain and boring. But this model surely stands out of the crowd. There`s nothing better than the mix of black and red colours, just a perfect match! My friend says that`s too agressive and my eyes would get tired very soon but i don`t think so… I would enjoy every minute of the game! And a dragon would symbolise a lot to me 😉 So, hopefully, i can afford it next year… not long to wait now… 😉

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