21 Instagram Tips for the Photo Obsessed

21 Instagram Tips for the Photo ObsessedThink about more than your selfie. These are some tips and tricks for Instagram.

Are you snap happy? Then you probably have Instagram on your phone. The supersocial photo-sharing app has 300 million monthly active users, but there’s a lot more to the service than just selecting a filter.

Whether you’re an old pro freaking out a little about changes coming to your timeline or just started gramming, PCMag rounded up a few tips that could make your photos stand out and garner you acclaim—well, at least a like or two more than you might have gotten before.

Some people think the fastest way to Instagram popularity is through tagging. Instagram is hashtag-heavy, allowing up to 30 for each photo posted, so there are plenty of hash abusers. But used in moderation, hashtags are a good thing. When you add tags to your photos, people who share your interests will find them. So make sure they’re relevant. The most popular tags on Instagram right now are #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #tbt, #cute, #me, #beautiful, #followme, #happy, and #follow according to Hashtagig.

Read on for 21 more tips and tricks for Instagram, and be sure to follow PCMag.

Note to Windows Phone users: Sorry to tell you, but you might not heart Instagram as much as your iOS and Android brethren. Instagram arrived on Windows Phone in 2013 and is still in beta, so users can’t yet record videos, send photos directly, remove and report comments, or access some editing tools.


  1. Reply Scarlett Miles 05.08.2016 at 09:04

    I use Instagram for several years, it’s great when you can post fotos and everyone whenever in the world can watch it. To make more followers I use tags, #followme tag makes me nearly 100 followers a day.

  2. Reply Melissa 17.09.2016 at 17:33

    Instagram is life!!! There are a lot of tips on the web but these are the best! I use only three tags and post photos edited like other 100 on my timeline. I also use VSCOCAM and MSQRD for cool and fun stuff. There is Prisma app which is really cool for photos edited like famous paintings. Now I have only 500 followers but I hope soon will be more! I’m instagram obsessed!

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