2 easy ways to remotely access files on your PC

We’ve talked before about how syncing files across all your devices is only as useful as your ability to put the files you need in the right place. When that doesn’t happen, it’s handy to have a back-up plan for accessing critical files remotely.

Previously, we took a look a Chrome Remote Desktop as a potential solution. Here’s a look at two other ways you can get remote access using apps and services that might already be part of your everyday routine.

Phone to PC

PushBullet has a new remote access feature called Remote Files.

Popular media sharing app Pushbullet recently added remote access to its long list of features for trading files between devices. The new feature, dubbed Remote Files, allows you to access your PC’s files on your Android device.

To use Remote Files you need the Pushbullet for Android app on your phone, as well as the desktop program from Pushbullet—the browser extensions won’t work here.

Once you’ve got both apps up and running, open the desktop program and go to Settings. Then scroll down and check the box next to “Remote Files access”.

After that, allow a few minutes for your phone to realize your desktop machine is ready for access. Then, open Pushbullet on your phone, tap the “hamburger” menu icon in the upper left corner, and select Remote Files from the slide out navigation panel. You should see the name of your desktop listed. Tap it, and you’ve got full access to files saved in your User account. (You can’t access system files using Pushbullet.)

The only thing to remember with Pushbullet is that—obviously—your PC must be on and connected to the Internet for your phone to access files remotely.

Remote Files is free, but you are limited to transferring files up to 25MB and the company says you can only use the feature for limited, yet unspecified amount of transfers per month. You can remove those limits with a pro account, which costs $40 a year or $5 per month.

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  1. Reply Tony 07.09.2016 at 17:18

    This is something new for me to try! I could never imagine it was so easy to do though… It looks like all i need is just to install the Pushbullet app and program. And if it works it`s gonna make my life so much easier! I just can`t wait until my working day is over and i can get home and arrange the file trading stuff. I feel real determined to do it so i can tell my friends afterwards how clever i am 😉

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